Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

The Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Whether you’re hiking a forest trail or whale watching, the local insight you’ll get from a guide will enrich your experience, as well as taking some of the trip planning off a plate.

The country’s official name is the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. The name Sri Lanka is derived from the Sanskrit language, where Lanka means island and Sri means holy or shining. Sri Lanka, therefore, means holy Island. Throughout history, Sri Lanka has had many names. One of the most famous names was Ceylon, which the British gave the Island and which was the name of the country until 1972.
The tropical Island truly does fit the name. It has so many beautiful sights to offer whether you want beautiful unique bounty beaches, a rich and diverse animal life, a nature beyond ordinary or loads of cultural experiences. Sri Lanka is blessed with a rich culture and a diverse range of unique experiences and a very long history which is manifested in large parts of the country. It is no wonder that they call Sri Lanka the wonder of Asia. The people of Sri Lanka are of diverse cultures and religions living in peace and harmony, which has made it a united society.

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  • Bakers falls Sri Lanka
  • Central Highlands, Sri Lanka
  • Tea factory
  • Famous Sigiriya rock. Sri Lanka
  • Exterior of Dambulla Cave Temple in Sri Lanka
  • Devon Falls
  • The Nine Arches Bridge

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