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The Green Mountain Town

The atmosphere, the scenery, and the extremely beautiful view make Ella a tourist destination that you cannot miss. The area surrounding Ella offers many opportunities for walks in nature, through tea plantations, lookouts, and breathtaking waterfalls. Some of the important places to visit are Ella Rock. From the top of Ella Rock, you get a great view of the valley and the mountains. Other sights are Rawana Falls, where you can have a swim, Rawana Ella Cave, also called “Sita Cave” because the legend says that Sita was caught in the cave. The cave is not far from the waterfall and both places are located about 5 km from Ella.



Activities in Ella

  • Ella Sightseeing
  • Nine Arc Railway Bridge
  • Ravana Falls & Rawana Cave
  • Dunhinda Falls
  • Warakara Waterfall Nature Trek
  • Climb to The Little Adam′s Peak
  • Cycling tour to Ella Sightseeing
  • Cycling to Ellawala Waterfall
  • Dambatenne Tea Factory
  • Bird Watching at Ella Jungle
  • Meditation & Music Therapy
  • Trek to Illukpalassa Village

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